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Centers for Disease Control Speaker to Present at 10th Biodetection Technologies Conference

The Knowledge Foundation announced today announced that Dr. John R. Barr, Chief, Biological Mass Spectrometry Laboratory at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will speak at the 10th Biodetection Technologies Conference to be held in Atlanta, GA from June 14-15, 2007. Dr. Barr’s presentation will focus on detecting and quantifying anthrax lethal factor using mass spectrometry based methods developed at the CDC.

With an emphasis on rapid detection and low-cost identification, Biodetection Technologies is an internationally recognized meeting that provides solutions to the challenges presented by the evolving pattern of complex biological threat agents of various origins. The list of speakers include:

  • Alexander N. Asanov, TIRF Technologies, Inc.
  • John R. Barr, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Rashid Bashir, Purdue University
  • Sergei Bibikov, Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Frank V. Bright, The State University of New York
  • Amanda Bulman, Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Sylvie Buteau, Defense Research and Development Canada
  • Darrell P. Chandler, Akonni Biosystems Inc.
  • Luis M. DaSilva, USAMRIID
  • Deyrick Dean, Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Claudia Gärtner, microfluidic ChipShop GmbH
  • Brian Hicke, Global Technologies (NZ) Ltd.
  • George Hong, Millipore Corporation
  • James W. Karaszkiewicz, Goldbelt Raven LLC and JBAIDS Program Office
  • Arnold Kell, Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, NRC Canada
  • Peter Kiesel, Palo Alto Research Center
  • Kurt J. Langenbach, ATCC/Biodefense & Emerging Infections Research Resources Repository
  • Martin A. Lee, Enigma Diagnostics Ltd.
  • Kenton L. Lohman, Midwest Research Institute
  • Wlodek Mandecki, PharmaSeq, Inc.
  • Sudhakar Marla, Nanosphere, Inc.
  • Nohra E. Mateus-Pinilla, Illinois Natural History Survey
  • Igor L. Medintz, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Richard J. Obiso Jr., Luna Innovations, Inc.
  • Tammy A. Spain, Pinellas County Utilities Laboratory
  • Max Sonnleitner, BioIdent Technologies, Inc.
  • Peer F. Stähler, Febit Biotech GmbH

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