Weller’s Wxsmart Smart Soldering Platform Connects the Future of Soldering

Weller Tools, a leader in hand soldering solutions and part of the Apex Tool Group, today introduced its new smart soldering platform WXsmart. The platform consists of a 2-channel soldering station and a hot air module with an air and vacuum requirements, from pico to micro and ultra soldering are part of this platform. A calibration unit as well as a soldering tip holder make it a complete platform with which managing your complete soldering process, from tip to station, has never been easier and more productive with the first all-in-one WXsmart hand soldering platform.

Image Credit: Weller Tools

With the Total Process Control (TPC), the WXsmart offers maximum connectivity and traceability at the highest quality. The platform fully supports all IoT standards. It is the first hand soldering station with cyber security to prevent costly downtimes. As the most connected, smartest, most controlled and secured hand soldering solution in the world, WXsmart is connecting the future of soldering!

The system provides six main benefits to users:

  • Connect – Weller WXsmart offers maximum connectivity, supporting IoT standards for full traceability with mobile-enabled, easy remote- control access.
  • Smart – The all-in-one station acts as the brain of the workbench by consolidating all soldering applications into one station. The platform fully supports Smart Soldering 4.0 with intelligent tips and tools, saving cost, time and space.
  • Control – Total Process Control (TPC) to manage the complete soldering process from tip to station.
  • Safe – The first system with built-in cybersecurity to prevent costly downtimes.
  • Auto Calibration – Captures accurate data and documentation by automatically re-adjusting its soldering calibration for strong auditing.
  • Modularity – Backwards compatibility of tips and tools for soldering, desoldering and hot-air applications, ensures the security of the all-in-one station investment.

The platform is comprised of the following units:

  • WXsmart Soldering Station WXsmart: Most powerful two-channel station with 300 W, ESD-safe touch screen and the most functional benchtop controller (preheating plated, solder baths, filtration and calibraiton unit)
  • Hot Air Module WXair: WXair is a self-contained rework module that can operate a standalone unit with two channels: one for vacuum and one for hot air. In combination with the WXsmart soldering station, it is an all-in-one rework station with four channels. This benchtop control operates as the brain of a workbench by consolidating all soldering applications into one station. The platform fully supports  Smart Soldering 4.0 with intelligent tips and tools saving cost, time and space.
  • WXMPS MS Smart Soldering Iron: With an ergonomic pencil design, this iron fits perfectly in the operator’s hands, providing precision for small soldering applications under the microscope. Additionally, it is ideal for micro and standard components, covering the widest range of applications for electronics, medical devices, sensor technology, aerospace, automotive and military. The WXMPS MS is a unique two-in-one smart soldering iron that allows the operator to use two different tip series with one soldering iron. The Pico Tip Series RTPS MS for component sizes from 0402 to 01005 (XS-S) as well as Micro Tip Series RTMS MS for component sizes from 0504 to 1608 (M-L) are compatible with the same soldering iron WXMPS MS. The WXUPS handles component sizes up to 1612 and bigger (XL-XXL). These soldering pencils strategically use Weller´s active (cartridge) tip technology for optimized heat transfer and maximum power with 40 W performance. The rapid heat-up time (within 3 seconds for Pico tips) delivers excellent heat transfer and recovery time during the soldering process for best-in-class performance. Short tip-to-grip distance enables precise work.
  • Smart Tips: With a new generation of RT MS Smart Tips, Weller meets these increasing demands and more. These new Smart Tips include an integrated chip in every soldering tip, which offers many new features to the user. The tips provide full traceability from a unique, individual serial number on every tip as well as automatic tip identification because the WXsmart display shows each tip description. Additionally, Weller’s Tip Lock functionality provides full process control and maximum precision via the calibrated smart tips.
  • WCU Measurement and Calibration Device: This high-precision device captures accurate data and documentation by automatically readjusting the soldering calibration for strong auditing.
  • Soldering Tip Holder WCTH: The WCTH is a clever storage unit for Weller cartridges that helps organizing the workbench. Sixteen tips can be stored when not in use.

Source: https://www.weller-tools.com/us/en

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