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Nanotechnology Featuring Strongly in Vehicle Designs for 50 Years into the Future, Robocar 2057

The Robocar Design Challenge is part of the Design Los Angeles automobile designers’ conference that has evolved into an integral element of the Los Angeles Auto Show. This years entries have strong links to nanotechnologies being developed now.

Mercedes Benz Silver Flow

The Mercedes Benz Silver Flow uses nanotech enable micro metallic particles to self arrange and create the vehicle. The car can then change shape to suit the desired purpose and performance for a given situation. It can even repair itself after an accident.

The GM OnStar ANT is made from carbon polymer nanocomposite materials with body panels connected by artificial muscles to allow the car to change shape.

The solar hybrid Honda 14 is made using molecular engineering tecniques and the Toyota Biomobile Mecha also uses nanotechnology to produce a shape changing vehicle.

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