Dual Mode Dry Etch Tool added to Oxford Instruments Failure Analysis Equipment Line Up

Oxford Instruments, the high-technology tools and systems company, is pleased to announce the addition of the Plasmalab®µEtchEL dry etch tool to its Failure Analysis product line. The PlasmalabµEtchEL is a flexible and economic entry-level tool which still offers the switchable dual-mode PE/RIE (plasma etch/reactive ion etch) capability found on the company's PlasmalabµEtch200 and PlasmalabµEtch300 systems.

Device structure after anisotropic IMD etching

The dual-mode PE/RIE configuration enables processes to be run for isotropic Polyimide removal (RIE), isotropic SiNx removal (PE) and anisotropic IMD/ILD etch (RIE) in a single tool, for small die or packaged devices through to 200 mm wafers. The PlasmalabµEtchEL offers outstanding uniformity with excellent reproducibility and selectivity, promising clean removal of Polyimide, nitrides and oxides to reveal the underlying device structure for the desired analysis.

Oxford Instruments offers a unique family of dry etch de-processing solutions for Failure Analysis using PE, RIE and ICP (inductively coupled plasma) technologies, with over 100 tools installed across the world. These flexible tools allow a range of processes from passivation removal to anisotropic oxide removal, from small die or packaged chip through to 300 mm wafer, in a compact footprint with convenient open-loading of samples. With its global service and support team, Oxford Instruments gives worldwide hardware and process support to its customers in addition to the process guarantees provided from its own Applications Laboratory.

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