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Enhanced Fuel Cell Efficiency Test Data Presented at Fuel Cell Seminar

NanoDynamics Energy Inc. recently presented preliminary test data demonstrating efficiencies of its G4 fuel cell in excess of 60 percent between 750 and 850 degrees Celsius, while also illustrating 800 hours of operation time with zero degradation.  Efficiencies were calculated using lower heating value of fuel into the cell versus power out.

“With short-term data showing efficiencies greater than 60 percent, we are confident that long-term data will illustrate efficiencies in the high 50 percent range,” said Dr. Caine Finnerty, V.P. of fuel cells at ND Energy.

“Our G4 cell technology has a 60 percent higher volumetric power density and decreases unit power mass (kg/kW) by more than 60 percent, translating  into a smaller, lighter-weight unit with overall reduced production costs.”

According to Finnerty, this is a result of ND Energy’s recent focus on manufacturing process optimization to remove approximately 65 percent of the material from its current G1 cell.  In addition, the G4 cell technology has shown rapid temperature ramp-up capabilities of as fast as 550 degrees Celsius per minute.

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