MEMS SensorTechnology To Turn Natural Hand Movements with a Mouse or Remote Control into On Screen Responses

Movea, Inc., the newly formed company created by Movea SA’s acquisition of all of the assets of Gyration, Inc., today announced that its UltraSense™ technology will employ the three-axis acceleration sensor from STMicroelectronics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) devices. ST’s sensor enhances the UltraSense technology by adding freedom and flexibility when remote control or mouse users perform in-air functions.

Movea, Inc.’s in-air motion control technology translates natural hand movements into immediate on-screen action, accurately responding to changes in position and direction. The addition of ST’s 3D motion sensors, with their smaller dimensions and ultra-low power consumption, will enable Movea to create remote devices with smaller form factors, lighter weight, prolonged battery life and increased responsiveness to hand movements. The robust sensor design also provides high immunity to vibration and shock resistance up to 10,000g.

“Our recently introduced UltraSense technology offers the most flexible and responsive in-air mouse capabilities on the market,” said Greg Smith, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Movea, Inc. “By working with the leader in MEMS devices, Movea has taken an additional leap, bringing the very best motion-sensing technology to consumers.”

“MEMS motion sensors are redefining the user experience by enabling intuitive man-machine interaction in consumer applications,” said Benedetto Vigna, General Manager of ST’s MEMS Product Division. “Working with the leader in motion-sensing controllers, ST’s MEMS devices can offer unprecedented ease of use and freedom to all consumers who want to navigate their PC or home media center on their terms.”

Movea, Inc.’s consumer products will remain under the Gyration brand name. Gyration devices featuring ST MEMs include the new M2000 Travel Mouse, a compact mouse that works in the air up to 100 feet as well as on the desktop. Designed for business travelers, the M2000 is small and accurate enough to enable precise tracking virtually anywhere, including in cramped spaces such as in a taxi cab or on an airplane.

Additionally, the Gyration R4000 LCD Music Remote, which controls all digital home entertainment without the need to turn on the TV or PC monitor, features ST MEMs. The universal remote features motion-control and gesture command technologies that allow consumers to navigate their digital home entertainment, and select and play media files with a flick of the wrist.

The Gyration M2000 Travel Air Mouse and R4000 LCD Music Remote devices featuring ST’s motion sensors and microcontrollers are scheduled to be on shelves at major consumer electronics retailers by mid-2008.

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