Skyray XRF Introduces Low-Cost Desktop XRF Analyzer

A wide range of industries and product lines are affected by both state and federal hazardous substance regulations (RoHS, Proposition-65, etc). The ability to prove compliance may be required to maintain current business and can also help to develop new business opportunities. Many organizations choose to outsource product compliance testing, but many others realize the long-term benefits of in-house testing - Skyray XRF has released the lower cost EDX-3000 model for budget minded organizations that prefer in-house control over compliance analysis. The compact EDX-3000 desktop x-ray fluorescence analyzer has been redesigned to quickly determine the concentration of lead, cadmium and other toxic metals in product.

Initially developed for precious metal testing applications the EDX-3000 has grown in popularity throughout that industry because of its accuracy. It is commonly used to perform identification of unknown metals, alloy verification, gold purity analysis and various related tests. With the addition of an HS-Package (different software with a new collimator and filter package) the EDX-3000 can provide the sensitivity required to meet the detection limits of various hazardous substance regulations. The HS-Package was developed for the EDX-3000 because it is one of the lowest cost Skyray XRF Analyzer and provides an economical option for organizations that realize the importance of showing compliance to regulations.

The EDX-3000 is the third instrument available from Skyray XRF that will provide accurate and repeatable detection of hazardous substances. Other models include a larger desktop model (EDX-2800) and a Hand-Held XRF model (The Pocket). All three offer different benefits depending on a potential users exact testing requirements.

The compact EDX-3000 unit has a chamber that is smaller than the other Skyray XRF desktop model (EDX-2800) but is available at a fraction of the cost and will be an excellent option for organizations testing small electrical components for RoHS compliance. The new HS-Package is also an additional benefit to jewelry manufacturers that require lead content analysis to comply with California's Proposition-65 and other 'lead content in jewelry' regulations; as it becomes an all-in-one testing unit providing lead detection along with coating thickness measurements, gold purity analysis and more.

"Accurate hazardous substance analyzers are important for many organizations but are a large investment," stated Scott Kramer, Director of Sales and Marketing for Skyray XRF. "We developed this low-cost desktop option for companies that realize the importance of proving compliance and the benefits of XRF as an in-house screening method."

Skyray XRF Instrument is the North American representative of an international leader in x-ray fluorescence technology. Contact Skyray XRF to discuss your hazardous substance testing needs or review the website for instrument and application overviews.


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