Skyray XRF Thick-800 XRF Analyzer

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) is one method of obtaining accurate coating thickness measurements. XRF analyzers provide a versatile, non-contact method to obtain measurements of thin films, single layer and multi-layer coatings on large to small components with high precision (common coatings include gold, silver, copper, nickel, tin and zinc). XRF testing equipment offers accuracy over a wide elemental range and provides simple-to-use record and report tracking to meet quality control requirements.

The Thick-800 is a non-destructive testing solution for organizations that need accurate quality control of printed circuit boards and electronics. Testing capabilities include multi-layer thickness measurements and RoHS testing of solder joint. The Thick-800 is specifically developed for coating thickness measurements


  • Glass Door / Chamber Window: allows for virtually any size of PCB to be tested and exact spot assurance is possible with the camera system
  • Moving Sample Stage: Simple button will quickly provide full three-dimensional movement of the sample stage (front-back, left-right, up-down)

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