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SymPowerco Corp. Targets Fuel Cell Markets

SymPowerco Corporation CEO John Davenport today announces the company's intention to pursue specific alternative power supply markets with its unique Flowing Electrolyte Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (FEDMFC). These markets include small vehicle hybrid power systems, industrial power supplies and consumer products. The markets for small to mid-sized liquid-fueled fuel cells have been estimated at upwards of $15 billion.

SymPowerco believes that the entry to market of 50W to 500W FEDMFC in Hybrid Power Systems with service runs of greater than 2000 hours would be disruptive to current portable and mobile power supply markets. The FEDMFC could allow small electric vehicles to operate, for the first time, with convenience and economics comparable to vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, but in a far more environmentally benign manner.

SymPowerco believes that its Flowing Electrolyte Direct Methanol Fuel Cell offers the potential for significant advantages in cost, efficiency, durability and consumer friendliness compared to standard PEM-type Direct Methanol Fuel Cells.

SymPowerco Corporation develops advanced fuel cell and power delivery systems for the rapidly growing personal transportation and portable power system markets being created by today's energy and environmental challenges.

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