Core Capital's Electronics and Semiconductor Group Signs Agreement with Aurora Semiconductor

Core Capital's Electronics and Semiconductor Group (ESG), a specialty investment banking practice, signed an agreement with Aurora Semiconductor to assist them in finding and acquiring a facility to start the only U.S.-based/owned crossover wafer foundry. Aurora Semiconductor will launch its "Bridging the Gap" revolutionary approach to connect R+D with flexible manufacturing processes and wafer foundry services.

Aurora Semiconductor's unique business approach will provide customer-centric value creation with 100% seamless full turnkey "one stop service" for wafer manufacturing. It will serve the photovoltaic sensor, mixed signal CMOS, high voltage CMOS, MEMS, and military markets and will provide customers with actual lab access, reduces risk of supply interruption, and produces notable savings in product development and supply chain costs.

"Aurora's executive team and business model are the strongest we've seen in the U.S. semiconductor manufacturing space in many years," stated Loren Lancaster, managing director of ESG. "They offer a powerful solution to the problems caused by the exponentially rising cost associated with the doubling every two years of the number of transistors that can be placed on a chip … known as Moore's Law scaling. No one else seems to be directly addressing this. We're excited to be a part of their strategy to bridge the gap between creation and production."

Gary Breton, CEO of Aurora Semiconductor, explains, "More and more potential customers are telling us they want to see this kind of model … and they want it to be U.S.-based. Core Capital's ESG was able to quickly recognize the enormous potential of our business model and apply the resources to achieve it. ESG is currently conducting strategic discussions with several companies to identify a premier U.S.-based facility with the technological and operational capabilities to support our business model."

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