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Protein Forest Commences Shipment of its New Digital ProteomeChip Protein Separation System

Protein Forest®, a leading developer of state-of-the-art sample fractionation technology and bioinformatics software for protein research, today announced that it has commenced shipments of its new digital ProteomeChip™ (dPC™) protein separation system. The ProteomeChip system fractionates and concentrates proteins or peptides by isoelectric focusing. It provides higher resolution, greater reproducibility, faster analyses, and easier operation than traditional gel-based protein separation techniques.

Also shipping is Protein Forest’s Mass Spec Results and Analysis Tool™ (MSRAT™) bioinformatics software. The MSRAT software is designed to help mass spectrometrists, protein chemists, and other researchers interpret the results of experiments that incorporate dPC™ technology.

The first ProteomeChip system and MSRAT software were delivered to the proteomics group at Thermo Fisher Scientific, the leading developer and manufacturer of mass spectrometric systems for proteomics research. Researchers at Thermo Fisher will use the dPC system with their state-of-the-art ion trap, OrbitrapTM, and triple quadrupole mass spectrometer systems on a variety of challenging proteomics research projects.

“We are proud to work with Protein Forest.” said Andreas Hühmer, Ph.D., Director of Proteomics at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We see the dPC as technology that could be a superior alternative to 2D gels, SDS-PAGE, and HPLC-based sample preparation methodologies in many workflows, and improve the quality and quantity of protein research results.”

“We are very pleased that Thermo Fisher Scientific will be using our dPC products. We expect Thermo Fisher scientists to validate the multiple benefits of dPC systems and MSRAT software for mass spectrometry-based proteomics research.” said Russell Garlick, Ph.D., President and CEO of Protein Forest.

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