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New Joint Research on Development of Graphene-based Composite Material

BASF and Vorbeck Materials Corp. have established a joint research program to develop graphene-based formulations and composite materials. As part of the collaboration, Vorbeck and BASF are developing dispersions of highly conductive graphene for producing electrically conductive coating and compounds especially for the electronics industry. The newly established joint research program will lead to commercial applications in the near future.

"We are pleased with the quality and performance of Vorbeck's graphene material," said Dr. Norbert Wagner, Performance Chemicals Research at BASF. "This joint research effort," Wagner continued, "will accelerate BASF's product development through close collaboration between our companies' research teams."

Before now, the manufacture of single-sheet graphene on a ton scale has not been commercially feasible. In response to this industry need, Vorbeck has licensed core technology from Princeton University to develop a unique, scalable process for manufacturing graphene in ton quantities and is poised to break some barriers previously encountered with classical graphitic materials. With excellent conductivity, surface areas over 1,800 m2/g, outstanding dispersability and stability, and sinter-free performance, Vor-xTM has been able to differentiate itself from traditional and nano fillers.

"We are excited to be working with such a driven, innovative team at BASF," says Vorbeck co-founder and President, Dr. John Lettow. "Vorbeck's research team combines diverse industry experience with small company speed to accelerate our partners' application development capabilities."

In its third year providing technology solutions to industry leaders in electronics, energy, and transportation, Vorbeck maintains close ties to industry and university research groups alike.

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