Knowles Electronics Applauds ITC Decision Against Memstech

Knowles Electronics announced today that Judge Rogers of the International Trade Commission issued his Initial Determination holding that Mems Technology Berhad, known as Memstech, has violated U.S. law by the unlawful importation and sale of microphone packages that infringe Knowles' U.S. Patents 6,781,231 and 7,242,089. Knowles Electronics believes that Judge Rogers' decision not only confirmed that Memstech's microphone packages and any products using these packages infringe Knowles' patents, but also confirmed that Knowles' patents are valid and enforceable. If the full Commission of the ITC accepts this ruling, Memstech will not be permitted to import its infringing products into the United States.

“This is great news for Knowles Electronics and our legacy of innovation. This ruling bolsters the confidence in additional investments in our technology portfolio.” said VP of R&D, Pete Loeppert. “The ruling also fortifies the licenses Knowles has granted to several multi-national companies. Knowles intends to continue to deliver value to the audio market via its own semiconductor microphone offerings as well as through its licensed partners.”

"The Judge made the right decision by ruling in favor of Knowles Electronics. Given the competitive global economy, this is a fair and proper response,” said Jeff Niew, President of Knowles Electronics. “Similar to other technologically-driven industries, growth of the MEMS industry and semiconductor-based silicon microphones relies on continued investment from corporations and institutional investors. The Judge's decision reinforces the validity of Knowles' intellectual property and shows investors that firms such as Memstech will be unable to access U.S. consumers in violation of the intellectual property rights of others.”

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