Apogee Power Launches Nanotechnology Enhanced Lithium Cordless Power Tool Batteries

Apogee Power Inc. a Silicon Valley based clean tech battery research company announces the launch of its Nano-Technology Enhanced, Lithium cordless power tools and power tool replacement batteries. Apogee's patented LiCoO2 and C-LiFePO4 battery packs and cordless tools are the only cost effective GREEN technology that can replace toxic NiCd and NiMh. While improving tool performance Apogee power tool replacement batteries are lighter weight, have longer useful life and provide more productivity per charge.

GenSet Lithium Battery Pack

Apogee Power has been working under the radar for the past 6 years to develop a complete line of impact cordless power tools and battery packs which incorporate its Nano-Tech Ultra-Pulse Capacitor technology. This patented Ultra-Pulse Capacitor technology enhances the power and performance of lithium batteries. Apogee offers not only a line of tools but also a line of replacement batteries that can immediately replace NiCd, NiMh and Lead Acid batteries in cordless power tools, UPS systems, solar, wind and other alternative energy battery systems.

The Apogee replacement batteries can be used on existing Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) tools. These new battery packs can be charged using the existing NiCd and NiMh chargers. The consumer needs no additional equipment purchase. When the user needs to replace a NiCd battery they only need to purchase a new Apogee environmentally safe battery and plug it into the tool.

Working with Pihsiang Energy Technology C-LiFePO4 batteries and Sanyo high power density LiCoO2 cells Apogee has deployed over 3000 cordless power tools with astounding performance results. "This is a major breakthrough in eliminating toxic lead and cadmium from the battery market." Stated Steven James a spokesperson for the company. "Not only is our technology 100% environmentally sound it offers better performance and significantly longer useful life". Apogee ships a large majority tools to European customers "With the substitution of the Apogee C-LiFePO4 replacement battery pack we can quickly eliminate approximately 80% of the current Cadmium waste that is a significant environmental concern" added CTO Dr. KC Tsai.

The Apogee Power line of Li-Ion (LiCoO2) and C-LiFePO4 tools and battery packs are designed for use in DIY, Semi-Professional, Professional and specialty cordless tools applications. Apogee has the highest efficiency Impact Wrench and Impact Driver tools available on the market today. The Apogee 14.8v Impact Wrench out performed all competitors' 18v tools and other widely known brands by 50% more lugs per charge. Apogee also has the only 12v impact wrench available. This new technology offers significant cost savings as well as the following benefits.

Apogee also designs and markets 12v up to 72v Lithium based Fault Tolerant UPS systems, battery systems for solar, wind and fuel cell energy storage. These systems offer unparalleled performance are maintenance free with a useful life span of 10 years or more. Apogee lithium battery solutions offer significantly greater power, are 75% lighter in weight and one fifth the size of there lead acid equivalents.

Apogee Power is currently acting as an OEM/ODM and is looking for strategic partners that can help quickly get this new technology to market. All brands are welcome to use our patented technology and manufacturing services to get the toxic materials out of the environment. We encourage all companies to take our lead and use Apogee Green battery solutions.

Products are available for immediate delivery.

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