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Fabrication and Design of Resonant Microdevices

Fabrication and Design of Resonant Microdevices
Fabrication and Design of Resonant Microdevices is an accessible introduction to the main creation and application issues surrounding the creation and application of micromachined resonant devices. It provides both an overview of the challenges encountered while designing and fabricating these devices as well as an exhaustive collection of references for anyone interested in further study.

The book begins by explaining the concepts of resonance, frequency and time response of resonators, micromachining, and scaling. Various fabrication techniques are presented in detail and supported by examples of complete process flows. The addressed microfabrication issues include material selection, lithography, etching, doping, bonding, etc.

The book discusses actuation and sensing mechanisms for transducers such as electrostatic, piezoelectric, thermal, magnetic, piezoresistive, and optical sensing. Also explained is the issue of damping (viscous and thermoelastic damping as well as anchor and surface losses) which is of great importance in the design of high-Q resonators. The relevant sources of noise for resonant MEMS are explained with particular attention to the oscillator noise. It then guides you through test and characterization techniques in time and frequency domains, as well as performance, packaging and electronic interfacing concerns.

Readers interested in the modeling of static behavior of mechanical devices (e.g., extension and bending of beams and plates) and of the dynamics of lumped or continuous systems (including discussions on longitudinal and flexural waves; dynamics of plates and membranes; bulk resonators, and simulation of resonance) will appreciate the extensive coverage and the helpful illustrations of modeling applications found here.

Finally, the last chapter is devoted to examples of resonant devices that will show you how the preceding information all comes together when designing a micromachined resonant device. With comprehensive information and ample bibliographic references throughout, engineers in micromachining and designers of resonant devices, MEMS, or sensors will find Fabrication and Design of Resonant Microdevices to be a frequently referenced source for all aspects of the design of micromachined devices.

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