Micromixers - Fundamentals, Design and Fabrication

Micromixers - Fundamentals, Design and Fabrication

This highly readable book offers a broad look at the fundamentals, design, and fabrication of micromixers, as well as specific applications in chemistry and life sciences. Micromixing is the predominant process taking place in most microfluidic devices for medical diagnostics, drug discovery, genetic sequencing, proteomics, and chemical production. It also has implications for national security via portable detection systems for chemical weapons and explosives.

Written by a best-selling author on this subject, Micromixers: Fundamentals, Design, and Fabrication is for practicing engineers who need current, applicable knowledge. It will also interest chemistry and biochemistry students considering working in this fast growing field, for whom it will provide a strong foundation.

  • Provides the basic terminology and fundamental physics of transport effects used in designing micromixers.
  • Highlights the advantages and challenges of miniaturization in mixing.
  • Outlines currently available technologies for fabricating micromixers.
  • Discusses current applications, including labs-on-a-chip for chemical/biochemical analysis, and chemical production.
  • Defines electrohydrodynamic, dielectrophoretic, electrokinetic, magneto hydrodynamic, acoustic, thermal and other effects and their implementation in micromixers.
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