Modumetal Showcases Nanolaminated and Functionally-Graded Coatings for Corrosion Application

Modumetal, Inc., creating revolutionary nanolaminated and functionally-graded materials that will change design and manufacturing forever by dramatically improving the structural, corrosion and high temperature performance of coatings, bulk materials and parts, will be featured at the National Surface Treatment Center's annual "Mega Rust" Conference in Norfolk, Virginia during the week of June 8-12, 2009.

Modumetal will be showcasing the latest performance data for its ModuGalv™ and Nanoplex Nickel™ coatings designed for cadmium and chromium replacement.

Both cadmium and chromium are considered to be harmful to the environment, and Modumetal's replacement coatings exhibit superior performance, cost effectiveness and energy-efficiency and are greener than those used in industry today.

In addition, Modumetal will be presenting preliminary data on a next-generation ModuGlass™ coating, which is based on a novel electrochemical method for depositing unique glass polymers, developed by partners at the University of Washington, onto metal parts to protect them in some of the most corrosive industrial chemical environments.

Patrick Lomasney, Modumetal Chemist and Project Manager, and Jesse Unger, Modumetal Mechanical and Project Engineer, will present papers addressing key issues involving corrosion resistant technology at the conference. In particular, Mr. Lomasney will present a paper entitled, "Multilaminated and Nanolaminated Corrosion Resistant Coatings". Mr. Unger will present on "Functionally-Graded Polymer-Derived Ceramic Coatings for Extremely Corrosive Applications". Both presentations will take place on Thursday, June 11th.

The National Surface Treatment Center partners with the Navy, other DoD components, and with industry to fight corrosion and solve corrosion-resistant coating issues. Its Mega Rust Conference is an annual event that began in June of 2005 and rotates between Louisville, KY; Norfolk, VA; and San Diego, CA to find best practices to meet the needs of the United States Navy and provide corrosion protection to its fleet.

In addition, the conference is intended to join together the government, military, owners, operators, shipyards, research facilities, and coatings manufacturers and suppliers to discuss issues that are relevant to the corrosion protection industry.

"Modumetal is extremely pleased to play a role in emphasizing the importance of innovation at this year's Mega Rust Conference," said Modumetal CEO Christina Lomasney. "Both Patrick and Jesse will provide detailed and in-depth papers that will explore the role that Modumetal can play in reducing the negative impact of corrosion on our nation's military equipment and materials. Furthermore, we believe our ModuGalv and Nanoplex Nickel coatings represent an important opportunity to protect our environment by taking toxic materials out of the production process."

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