Carbon Design Innovations Receive Funding to Develop Carbon Nanotube Devices

Carbon Design Innovations, Inc. (C|D|I) today announced that they have raised $400,000 in Series A funding from a group of private investors led by Vance Nau, company CEO. C|D|I has developed a patent pending process for the predictable commercial manufacture of carbon nanotube (CNT) devices. This process has the potential to open new markets and significantly expand the use and adoption rate of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for a broad range of applications.

“CNTs have great promise. Yet, the inability to make them with predetermined profiles has limited their widespread adoption, frustrating users and manufacturers alike,” said Nau. “C|D|I has developed a deterministic nanofabrication method and has the IP that can radically change that paradigm, making CNT technology commercially viable and opening new business opportunities.”

C|D|I will develop and produce a line of probe tools for atomic force microscopy (AFM) applications. The next big leap for AFM tools has been acknowledged to hinge on advancements in probe technology. CNT AFM Probes from C|D|I are engineered from the micro to the nanoscale with precise dimensions, angles and material properties offering longer lifetime, higher resolution and greater flexibility than existing solutions. Based on success at several beta sites, the company announced its initial products this week.

This investment will enable C|D|I to initiate sales and marketing efforts, ramp production of AFM probes and continue development of future products based on its methodology for the manufacture of CNT devices.

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