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AFS Spring 2014 Conference: FibeRio to Present on ‘Polyester Nanofibers for Oil and Fuel Filtration’

FibeRio® Technology Corporation, the developer and manufacturer of ground breaking Forcespinning® nanofiber production systems, today announced thatLeonard R. Castellanowill be presenting “Polyester Nanofibers for Oil and Fuel Filtration” in the Gas-Liquid Separations track at the upcoming AFS Spring 2014 Conferenceon March 25th, 2014. The event will take place during March 25-26 at the Marriott Westchase Hotel in Houston, TX.

As the demand for energy and hydrocarbon-based products continues to increase, higher performance filtration products are needed in process separation to reduce operational costs and decrease environmental impact. Similarly, world fuel filtration standards are getting more demanding each year. A challenge in these arenas is the use of glass fiber, which can cause significant worker protection issues, abrasion problems and blockage. The use of synthetic fiber, in combination with the reduction or elimination of glass fibers, has been in development by several companies for many years, but achieving the fine fiber structure needed for high performance with a material that can withstand the operational environment has been a challenge. Forcespinning technology is the leading process platform capable of cost effective melt spinning polyester nanofibers that can achieve the high filtration performance requirements and have the durability to be used in these applicationswithout the need for glass fibers.

Mr. Castellano’s presentation will highlight the benefits of high volume PBT nanofiber filter media produced using Forcespinning technology for oil and fuel filtration applications. He will focus on the approach to make sub-micron melt-spun fibers from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), the resulting filtration performance of the media, and key aspects of its commercial viability.

“We at FibeRio are continuing to enhance and expand our capabilities using a broad range of polymeric systems to produce nanofibers that are useful in a large variety of markets.” said Castellano, Director of Applications Engineering at FibeRio. “We emphasize application specific performance and we have made great progress in producing polyester nanofibers suitable for use in the fuel filtration arena.”

Nanofiber applications are used in a variety of markets including filtration, nonwovens, batteryseparators, textiles, biomedical and hygieneapplications. Nanofibers’ higher surface area and smaller pore size improves the characteristics of fibrous material. Performance levels in any given application can be matched or improved using significantly less material in the end product; which also allows for lighter weight and lower cost. By enabling high volume PBT nanofiber production, FibeRio extends the applicability of this material to traditional and potentially new applications never sought before.

FibeRio manufactures the only commercially available nanofiber production systemscapable of both melt and solution spinning. This enables customers to develop new products and ramp up production with a cost effective high volume process. FibeRio nanofiber production systems,powered by Forcespinning, are turn-key solutions for both lab scale and full industrial scale production. The Fiberlab® L1000 systems are ideal for basic and applied laboratory research, Fiber Engine® systems utilize Forcespinning technology in a high volume, continuous manufacturing environment.

About Leonard Castellano
Leonard R Castellano is the Director of Applications Engineering at FibeRio Technology Corporation. Len has over 30 years of experience in Research & Development of polymeric membranes and melt blown fibers for the filtration industry in a large variety of markets that span Fuels & Chemicals, Food & Beverage to Biopharmaceuticals and Transfusion Medicine. His expertise is leading the development of novel materials for filtration, separation and purification in the macro, micro, nano and ultra-filtration technologies.

About FibeRio
FibeRio Technology Corporation provides the technology and capital equipment to transform the materials market through the unlimited availability of cost effective nanofibers. Founded in 2009, the company is currently delivering industrial scale Forcespinning units to industry leading customers across the globe. The company is headquartered in McAllen, TX. For more information, please visit or call 956-207-5448.

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