ACS Announces Second NanoTube Video Contest

ACS Nanotation NanoTube gives users the opportunity to star in their own videos. Share your thoughts about your recent papers with your colleagues. Distribute a tutorial about nanoscience and nanotechnology. The sky is the limit!

In our last video contest "What is Nano?", you showed us that nano is a way of making things smaller, lighter and more efficient, making it possible to build better machines, solar cells, materials and radios. But another question remains: how exactly is "nano" going to impact both us and the world? We want you to think big about nano and show us how nano will address the challenges we face today.

What can nano do for global security?
What can nano do for the environment?
What can nano do for sustainable energy?
What can nano do for fighting disease?
What can nano do for the products you use?
What can nano do for YOU?

ACS Nanotation is interested to hear what you think, and to find out, we are sponsoring a video contest. Submit your videos to NanoTube and you could win up to $500 USD in cash!

Videos may be submitted from July 6, 2009 to August 9, 2009. The contest is open to all registered users. Registration is free, so sign up and submit a video today! Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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