Market Research Report on Atomic Force Microscopy

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "First North American/European Study, AFM/SPM and Probes: Full Numerical Data Plus Detailed Written Analysis" report to their offering.

This is the full report, including 166 pages of data plus a detailed written analysis for the first international Voice of the Customer study in AFM/SPM.

This unique study is the first off-the-shelf Voice of the Customer study in AFM/SPM. In comparison, other, more conventional studies are the summation of data collected from the conventional wisdom of sales, marketing, and upper management working within the manufacturers group.

Conducted directly with end-users, this study presents a multi-dimensional view of this market niche, answering questions about which measurements/modes are used, key drivers for purchasing, realistic pricing for both standard AFMs and for new carbon nanotube probes, most significant locations for placement of ads, articles, and web content, brand comparison for older versus newer microscopes, and a glimpse into what this audience would like to see in next generation technology. Data is presented from five different demographic perspectives: Geography, Title, Discipline, Type of Lab, and Type of Work.

Data for this report was collected in March, 2009, with the analysis conducted in May, 2010. Since the strongest response came from North America and Europe, both the written and numerical analyses focus on these two geographic areas.

Key Topics Covered:


All data from the survey is analyzed by the following five demographic perspectives

a. Geography (primarily NA and Europe), b. Title (professor, grad student, Lab Managers/supervisors, Researchers/Scientists) c. Discipline (primarily biological, materials sciences, and nanotechnology) d. Type of Lab (academic, industrial, governmental) e. Type of work (primarily research with some analytical, QA/QC)

Each demographic chapter contains responses to the following questions, as seen by that perspective, providing a very thorough, multi-dimensional view of the industry:

a. Types of scanning probe measurements/ modes used b. Which microscopy/spectroscopy techniques most desired in combination with AFM d. Key purchasing drivers e. Projected buying trends for 2010-2014 f. Most important sources of information when purchasing AFM g. Most important trade journals & nanotech web sites h. Realistic pricing for standard, basic AFM

In addition, the same perspectives were used for two special reports:

a. Brand ranking of older (2007 and earlier) vs. newer (2008 and later) microscopes

b. Probe usage, including (i) Realistic pricing for carbon nanotube probes and (ii) Other, next generation probes of interest


The Executive Summary was written from the general trend information only. However, the numerical data revealed strong trends influenced especially by geography and discipline.

The Full report contains a detailed analysis of these trends as well as comments derived from extensive experience within the industry.

Companies Mentioned:

  • Ambios/Quesant
  • Anafatec
  • Asylum Research
  • Hyphenated-Systems
  • JEOL
  • JPK
  • Molecular Imaging/Agilent
  • Nanonics
  • Nanonis
  • NanoSurf
  • Novascan
  • NT-MDT
  • Park Systems/PSIA
  • Pacific Nanotech
  • RHK
  • SIS
  • WITec
  • Veeco

Products Mentioned:

  • topography
  • phase
  • electrical
  • elasticity
  • friction
  • force spectroscopy
  • magnetic
  • measurement in liquid
  • thermal measurement
  • STM
  • NSOM
  • nanolithography
  • ultra-high vacuum



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