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Transient Digitizer to Analyze Sub-Nanosecond Events

Berkeley Nucleonics, a developer of instrumentation, has unveiled its transient digitizer ideally suited for the scientific industry.

The Model 1150 will determine single-shot pulse movements down to 50ps at an input voltage of 2000V.

The device captures and records a one-time or repetitive electrical incidence with digital and analog displays. It can record pulses in fields including EMC/EMP, high voltage breakdown tests and high speed circuit tests. It helps researchers analyze sub-nanosecond incidences with optional 8inch display and fiducial input.

Rapid sampling resolution and jitter are 1picosecond and 5picoseconds respectively. These figures are made possible by a scanning method utilizing an analog CRT monitor to capture the signal and then digitally display it with a 13bit magnifying resolution to measure the signal.

Multiple packaging and interface options are available for various laboratory and field requirements. The nano-scale device can be used in remote areas where vibration or explosives research restrict the use of a laboratory environment.

The Pulse and Digital Delay Generators deliver sub-nanosecond timing monitoring of up to 32edges in an individual generator. High Voltage Pulse Generators offers amplitudes up to 800V with rapid rise time and nanosecond delay and width resolution. Light Pulse Generators deliver visual and electrical outputs with 100mW of light at wavelengths from 450nm to 1580nm.



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