Electrografting Allows Growth of Thin Nanometric Films for Various Electronics Applications

Alchimer, a developer and marketer of innovative chemical formulations and processes for deposition of nanometric films that are utilized in various MEMS and microelectronic applications, has partnered with Kromax International, one of the largest material suppliers in Asia and a manufacturer of flat-panel equipment and semiconductor.

This collaboration facilitates meeting the rising demand for Alchimer’s wet deposition process in the Asian market.

Kromax has been selected to represent complete through-silicon via (TSV) solution of Alchimer, which include Electrografting (eG) electrochemical-based technology. eG is a breakthrough wet deposition technology of the company and it allows the growth of very thin nanometric films for various electronics applications, including TSVs, MEMS, and semiconductor interconnects.

Steve Lerner, CEO of Alchimer, states that the company is happy to expand its service for its customers in Taiwan. He also says that the company’s wet deposition process has been acknowledged as a cost-effective technology for high-quality TSVs.

Kromax’s chairman, Kell Hwang quotes that they are delighted to expand their portfolio of major materials companies that serve the flat-panel and IC markets with the addition of Alchimer.

Source: http://www.alchimer.com/

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