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Reportlinker Catalogue Adds Report on Permanent Wafer Bonding

Reportlinker has added a new market research report on Permanent Wafer Bonding to its catalogue. The Yole 2011 report on Technologies and Market Trends for Permanent Bonding would be a major enabler for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Previously developed for SOI substrates and MEMS the wafer bonding technology is currently being utilized for a diverse range of applications. The report gives insights into the future of wafer bonding technologies usage in the period of 2020-2016.

Wafer bonding could be defined as a process that either permanently or temporarily combines two substrates or wafers using an appropriate process. In recent years, the technology has moved on to specific IC applications. Wafer bonding has been extensively used in MEMS and the CMOS Image Sensors have also been using wafer bonders. For the next generation CMOS Image Sensors two different wafer bonding techniques need to be adopted, one for WLCSP and one for Back-Side Illumination. However, wafer bonders could be also be included in LEDs or power devices

The report reveals that wafer bonding would show considerable growth during the 2010-2016 period driven by 12” wafers for 3D stacking and CIS and small size wafers for LEDs. However, the bonding equipment market growth is attracting a number of new entrants.

The report will offer a detailed analysis of both the economic and technical evolution of the permanent wafer bonding process along with supplying forecasts for permanent bonding in MUS$. It would also discuss wafer bonding in terms of technology, applications and wafer size. An overview of the various bonding approaches such as Thermo-Compression, Glass Frit, Direct Oxide or Fusion or Molecular, Polymer or Adhesive, Metal Eutectic or Solder and Anodic would be talked about. Competitive information along with other equipment players market shares would be discussed along with W2W vs. C2W analysis for 3D integration. The trends for permanent bonding and also descriptions of the applications for wafer bonding with the major challenges faced would also be mentioned here.

The report would be useful for wafer bonder manufacturers mainly to evaluate and identify permanent bonding markets and understand the market size, key customers and the growth.. For chip manufacturers and Foundries, an overview of the huge panel of accessible permanent wafer bonding technologies is offered.



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