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CellGuide Selects Baolab's NanoEMS technology for its Positioning and Location Solutions

CellGuide has selected Baolab's NanoEMS technology to be incorporated in its positioning and location systems.

CellGuide will integrate Baolab's latest product 3D NanoCompass IC to its GPS chip to produce first-of-a-kind completely integrated compass and GPS device called the CLIOX-C. The company's host-based SNAP technology is the basis of its CLIOX-C GPS system, which offers superior performance, while reducing power consumption of the system at a better cost and performance level.

Baolab's three-dimensional NanoCompass IC integrated in the CLIOX-C is the first product produced by the company’s patented NanoEMS technology to fabricate nanoscale MEMS inside the regular CMOS wafer metal structure utilizing regular, large volume CMOS lines. The integration of GPS and compass facilitates the incorporation of 'point and identify' improved reality aspects into cameras, tablets and mobile devices. The integrated compass offers instant dead-reckoning and tunnel-exit features to the GPS system to help in conditions during which the GPS signal is either not completely available or intermittent.

The CLIOX-C that features the functions of GPS and compass offers a better location based service enabling solutions with competitive footprint and price. The compass and GPS functions that can be operated concurrently can also be operated individually by the application processor of the host device, ensuing efficient power management for challenging mobile applications.

The Chief Executive Officer at CellGuide, Adina Shorr commented that Baolab's 3D NanoCompass upgrades the functionalities of the company’s GPS product and makes it handle the demanding situations, while still delivering dependable positional information. The Chief Executive Officer at Baolab, Dave Doyle commented that NanoEMS facilitates the integration of MEMS sensors into huge volume consumer electronics products at lower cost.


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