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New Book on Nanocoatings and Ultra-Thin Films

Research and Markets has added a new book from Woodhead Publishing, titled "Nanocoatings and Ultra-thin Films: Technologies and Applications" to its portfolio.

Coatings are utilized in a number of applications, which range from corrosion control in the automotive and aerospace industries to anti-fogging coatings for glass. The new book offers the latest review of the characterization, fundamentals, deposition methods and uses of nanocoatings.

The book is a valuable reference for engineers working in the construction, glazing, transport and electronics industries and also to those interested in the related field. The book includes a number of important features. For instance, it focuses on the applications of ultra-thin films and nanocoatings and covers a number of topics like ultra-thin membranes for sensor applications, packaging applications, and nanocoatings for architectural glass.

The book includes chapters that cover present and advanced coating technologies as well as industrial applications. Some of the topics covered in the book include physical and chemical vapour deposition techniques, techniques for studying ultra-thin films and nanocoatings, nanostructured thin films from amphiphilic molecules, surface-initiated polymerisation for nanocoatings, nanoimprint lithographic methods for electronics applications, advanced protective coatings for aeronautical applications, ultra-thin films and Nanocoatings for packaging applications, nanocoatings for tribological applications, ultra-thin membranes for sensor applications, and self-cleaning smart nanocoatings

International team and eminent editors have contributed their expertise for the book.


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