New Report Analyzes Harmful Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials on Human Health

Research and Markets has reported the inclusion of a new report titled ‘Adverse Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials. Exposure, Toxicology, and Impact on Human Health’ to its catalogue.

Elsevier Science and Technology's new report discusses the negative impact of nanomaterials on human health in detail. It provides a methodological assessment of representative engineered nanomaterials that are economically significant and mass produced. The data provided on each type of nanomaterials also covers information pertaining to nanosafety, which needs to be known by general public, regulatory agencies, industry, and researchers.

International nanomedicine and nanotoxicology experts wrote the book, which provides a complete analysis of the health impact of engineered nanomaterials, with special focus on their potential harmful effects in exposed patients, consumers, and workers. The book also highlights the beneficial applications of engineered nanomaterials such as therapeutic and diagnostic. It fills the gap between experimental results and human exposure to engineered nanomaterials and provides data pertaining to the pathological and clinical effects of such exposure in people.

The book analyzes health impact and provides a clinical translation of test results in this field. It includes the summary of key research information in this area with the help of a schematic, non-exhaustive approach.

Antonio Pietroiusti, Anna A. Shvedova, and Bengt Fadeel are the authors of the book.


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