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Olympus Announces Addition of New Features to DSX Series of Opto-digital Microscopes

As part of its ongoing effort to integrate optical and digital technologies, Olympus recently announced the addition of several new options to its DSX Series Opto-Digital Microscopes. The newly enhanced DSX500, DSX500i, and DSX100, scheduled to launch worldwide on November 1, will enable observation with higher image quality, enhanced operability, and extremely high reliability with guaranteed measurement precision (DSX500 and DSX500i only).

Offering a new concept in industrial microscopy and metrology, the new DSX Series options include Super HDR software, an anti-halation adapter (DSX100 only), and the DSX100 Motorized stage combination.

With Olympus' new Super HDR application software, the observation of vivid images with excellent balance between bright and dark areas is made possible by the boosting of the software's HDR function. Super HDR has two modes: Fast HDR is used for observation at higher speeds, while Fine HDR is used for observation with higher quality. Super HDR is significantly faster than previous DSX Series application software.

Available exclusively for the DSX100, the new anti-halation adapter prevents reflection from the microscope illumination appearing on the sample, providing clearer observation.

The new DSX100 Motorized stage model combines the DSX100 with a motorized stage, enhancing overall operability by allowing all operations, including motorized movement of the subject sample, to be controlled from the user's monitor.

"A direct response to the speed at which the micro-imaging and metrology market is moving, the rapid evolution of our innovative DSX Series represents Olympus' dynamic approach to opto-digital technologies," said Matt Smith, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, Olympus Scientific Equipment Group. "Super HDR and other usability improvements make the DSX Series faster and more flexible, anticipating the very specific needs of our end-users."


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