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New Report on Global Market for Graphene

Most TV watchers are familiar with the commercial jingle that's ingrained the notion of cotton as the 'the fabric of our lives'. In the industrial world where advanced materials reign, graphene is the new cotton. Graphene's unusual properties derive from its structure, a single-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms, with the atoms arranged in honeycomb lattices.

Ultra-thin and ultra-strong graphene-based materials present an astonishing array of potential uses and are highly sought-after by industries worldwide because of their exceptional electronic, mechanical, thermal and opto-electric properties.

Moving swiftly from research laboratory to marketplace, Graphene is driven by demand from markets where advanced materials are required. These include the aerospace, automotive, coatings, electronics, energy storage, coatings and paints, communications, sensor, solar, oil, and lubricant sectors.

While graphene's extraordinary performance has led many to call it the 'superlative' or 'wonder' material it's critical to separate hype from reality. Here's a preview of several expert market research perspectives on the graphene market. Contact us or visit our market research portal to find more reports on the graphene market.

The Global Market for Graphene to 2020

The exceptional electron and thermal transport, mechanical properties, barrier properties and high specific surface area of graphene and combinations thereof make it a potentially disruptive technology across a raft of industries. The European Union is funding a 10-year, 1.35 billion Euro coordination action on graphene. South Korea is spending $350 million on commercialization initiatives and the United Kingdom is investing £50million in a commercialization hub. Applications are coming onto the market for polymer composites and EMI shielding coatings. Graphene-based conducting inks are also finding their way into smart cards and radio-frequency identification tags.

Typical graphene producers are generally small, start-up companies who have witnessed an explosion in demand for their materials from a variety of industries. Companies such as IBM and Samsung are pursuing applications for graphene in electronics and optics, which are likely only to be realized in the medium to long-term. Most near-term demand is for composites and coatings for application in the automotive, plastics, coatings, construction, metals, batteries, aerospace and energy markets.

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Graphene Opportunities 2013-2018: Technology, Markets, Players

This report diligently separates hype from reality using our detailed understanding of the graphene technology and industry. IDTechEx finds that there is no single graphene, but they are different types of graphene. Each type has a different a microstructure, layer number, oxygen content, etc. And each type offers a different set of properties therefore targeting a different set of markets. This report provides forecasts for each market segment for both value and mass.

IDTechEx forecasts that $100 million of graphene will be sold in 2018 into a range of applications, including RFID, smart packaging, supercapacitors, composites, ITO replacement, sensors, logic and memory, etc.

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Global Nanofiber Market 2012-2016

The Global Nanofiber Market is forecast to grow at 38.36 percent CAGR over the period 2012-2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing adoption of nanofibers in the Electronics sector. The Global Nanofiber market has also been witnessing increasing popularity of carbon nanofibers. However, the high toxicity of nanofibers could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

Key vendors dominating this market space include Ahlstrom Corp., Donaldson Co. Inc., E. I. du Pont Nemours and Co., Hollingsworth and Vose Co., and Johns Manville.

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