Nanotech Opportunities in Biomedicine to be Presented at Institute National d'Optique Conference

Nano Labs Corp. is pleased to announce that Dr. Victor Castano, Chief Innovations Officer of Nano Labs, will be presenting "Nanotechnology and Photonics: Challenges and Opportunities in Biomedicine" today at the Institute National d'Optique conference in Montreal, Canada.

Dr. Castano will address the challenges facing biomedicine today, in terms of detection techniques, laser therapy, drug delivery and a number of other key problems requiring innovative nanotechnology solutions.

Dr. Castano will present some of the key findings and latest developments the Company has discovered holding promising value in areas including nano-diamonds, luminescent materials, and non-linear optics.

Nanotechnology and nanoparticles are playing an increasingly important role in the development of optics and medicine, including in areas of cancer treatment, drug delivery, pathogen and protein detection, fluorescent labels, DNA-related research and tissue engineering, sorting and purification of biomolecules, and NMR image enhancement.

"Photonics is one of the most exciting and active areas under research and development in the nanotechnology field today," states Dr. Castano. "Nanotechnology is one of the most promising areas to produce novel optic materials for use in biomedicine, due to the ability to tailor new material properties at the molecular level. We are looking at new nanotechnologies for everyday applications that range from the study of optics and biomedicine, to aerospace, and everything in between which makes use of optical materials. Presenting at the INO conference today in Canada, an innovation hub, helps our company to integrate and fast-track the commercialization of our technology to the healthcare industry. We are honored to be partaking in such a prestigious event."

Parties interested in learning more or to receive a copy of the presentation are invited to contact Mr. Bernardo Camacho Chavarria, President Nano Labs.

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A leading technology designer and developer, INO is Canada's largest center for industrial optics and photonics expertise. It is an international leader in its field, having completed over 4,500 R&D contracts to date for Canadian companies across a wide variety of fields. INO has performed 43 technology transfers, and created 27 new high-tech startups. It boasts more than 200 employees, most of them researchers, scientists, and technicians who contribute to INO's international reputation. INO is a private, not-for-profit contract R&D company founded in 1985 by the Canadian and Quebec provincial governments. For more information please visit

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