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Graphene Supermarket Team up with FlackTek, Inc. to Introduce New Tool for the Production of Graphene Composites and Dispersions

Graphene Supermarket is pleased to announce a partnership with FlackTek, Inc., for the introduction of the SpeedMixerTM on the Graphene Supermarket website.

The research arm of Graphene Labs has successfully used the FlackTek’s SpeedMixerTM for the production of graphene-loaded dispersions and epoxies. The easy-to-use mixers are offered in sizes ranging from convenient tabletop systems which can mix 1-100 grams to commercial production models capable of mixing 5,000 grams in less than 5 minutes.

Due to its innovative design, the SpeedMixerTM is superior to other lab scale mixers that are used in most laboratories. It operates with no blades or parts which stir the mixture; rather it is Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge (DAC), which mixes and deaerates using Coriolis forces created by rotating the premixture both on its axis and around the center of the mixer. This can be exemplified by a planet which would both orbit the Sun and rotate on its axis.

FlackTek’s SpeedMixer.

Each component is placed in a sealed, disposable plastic jar which fits in the SpeedMixer’s container holster. After the machine is operated and Coriolis forces are used to create a mixture, the plastic jars may then be used for storage. DAC mixers are advantageous because they do not make any mess, do not require cleaning after every mix, and create uniform dispersions with no contamination.

Graphene nanoplatelets are particularly difficult to disperse; they are hydrophobic and tend to agglomerate. Graphene Laboratories staff has found that when using the SpeedMixerTM, their electrically conductive graphene-based dispersions showed increased conductivity, homogeneity, and that the results are easily reproducible. The SpeedMixerTM is an integral tool for any researcher who wants to create homogeneous composites with graphene platelets.

Graphene Labs CEO Dr. Elena Polyakova commented, “We have been offering graphene nanoplatelets for many years, and Graphene Supermarket customers often find that graphene isn’t easily dispersible to form inks and composites. We are glad to feature a mixer which has been indispensable for us in the formulation of graphene-based compounds to our customers. The mixers’ easy one-button operation and short mixing times will make it a laboratory staple for many of our clients.”

It can also mix a wide range of other materials offered on the Graphene Supermarket, such as Molybdenum Disulfide, Boron Nitride, and Tungsten Disulfide, creating highly viscous nanocomposites with a high load of nanoparticles; it is ideal to mix virtually any formulation a researcher may desire.

Information on the SpeedMixer can be found on the Graphene Supermarket website by clicking here. The team at Graphene Labs is available to offer advice on formulations, or to answer any questions or concerns. You may contact the Graphene Labs team at [email protected], or by phone at (516)-382-8649.

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