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Provital Places Additional $370,000 Purchase Order for LiqTech’s SiC Membranes

LiqTech International, Inc. ("LiqTech") is pleased to announce that LiqTech received an additional order for SiC membranes valued at USD 370,000 by Danish company Provital Solutions. The purchase order was placed by Provital Solutions as a consequence of additional system orders for 2014, and thus adding to the USD 500,000 order received earlier this year. The SiC membranes will be delivered over the next 12 months.

Mr. Sune Mathiesen, Managing Director of Provital Solutions remarked, "The market interest for our public pool systems based on the LiqTech SiC membranes continues to increase in both the U.S. and European market. We are expanding our international sales network and expect still more systems to be delivered in 2014 – for the pool market and new markets where the SiC membranes enables us to positively differentiate from our competitors due to SiC membranes superior performance in terms of throughput, reduced energy consumption and robustness."

Provital Solutions is offering SiC membrane-based solutions for larger swimming pools and throughout its existing sales network which covers Scandinavia, Singapore, Australia and North America.

Mr. Finn Helmer, LiqTech CEO, added, "We are pleased to note the commercial success Provital has achieved over the past 12 months in penetrating the pool systems market using LiqTech's SiC membranes. The success story of Provital shows the potential of a customer transition from the demonstration phase to the commercial phase. We have a significant number of customers currently in the transition phase, which we expect to reach the commercial phase in 2014."

The large number of existing pool market installations and the liquid capacity being treated makes the use of SiC membranes as a sand filter replacement a very promising market opportunity. In general, the LiqTech SiC membranes are replacing conventional pre-treatment processes, like sand filters and cartridge filters, upstream of Reverse Osmosis (RO) installations – to provide better RO operating conditions and reduce total cost of ownership.


LiqTech International, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is a clean technology company that for more than a decade has developed and provided state-of-the-art technologies for gas and liquid purification using ceramic silicon carbide filters, particularly highly specialized filters for the control of soot exhaust particles from diesel engines and for liquid filtration. It also manufactures ceramic silicon carbide kiln furniture. Using nanotechnology, LiqTech develops products using proprietary silicon carbide technology. LiqTech's products are based on unique silicon carbide membranes which facilitate new applications and improve existing technologies. For more information, please visit


Provital Solutions makes filtration systems for water treatment. The treatment can be for the local public pool or in larger aqua parks. Provital Solution manufactures new efficient ceramic filter systems that will last longer, save water and demand less maintenance than old-school ordinary sand filters. For more information, go to


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