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Nano-Modified PAI Wire Enamel Provides Good Corona Resistance Properties

Axalta Coatings Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, unveiled its latest generation of industrial electrical insulation products designed specifically for the China market. These new and innovative products are Axalta’s next generation Voltron® wire enamel, Voltatex® 8500, and halogen-free flame retardant impregnating resin Voltatex® 4080 products.

Developed with German technology, the products are designed specifically to meet Chinese industry demands for safer, smaller and more efficient electrical components. The products were introduced today at the Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition (CWIEME) Shanghai 2014.

Voltatex Core Sheet Varnishes (Graphic: Business Wire)

With China’s insulation material market projected to grow more than nine percent annually through 20161, Axalta is positioned to expand its industrial coating offerings to support customer growth in the region. Improved insulation materials allow for new industrial technologies, from miniaturized electronic components to heavy-round and rectangular conductors for large motors, generators or transformers, with the flexibility, protection and performance needed to accommodate the end user’s growing needs. In particular, the sustainable benefits provided by new insulation materials are having a significant impact by decreasing energy consumption and reducing the environmental footprint of China’s electrical motor and transformer industry.

“China is a key market for Axalta and we are focused on growing our offering here by bringing customized products to market. Through high technology insulation materials infused with sustainable and flame retardant properties, we expect to help our customers in China grow in tandem with market momentum,” explained Michael Cash, Axalta Senior Vice President and President of its Industrial Coatings division. “Axalta prides itself on listening to our customers and developing products designed to meet current and future trends in specific markets. This is exactly what we have done with our new China-specific high-performance, low-energy insulation materials.”

The new Voltatex® 8500 brand is a nano-modified PAI wire enamel for use as a top coat or for single coated wires designed to provide excellent corona resistance properties. Voltatex 8500 joins Axalta's Voltron System and, when used in conjunction with Voltatex® 7700 and Voltatex® 4200, both already in the market, provides a full set of products for inverter-fed motors. In addition, thanks to the VOC-free one-component impregnating resins from Voltatex® 4200, the conventional impregnation process today is lower in emissions and thus more environmentally friendly. These products are designed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion hazard, as well as no established occupational exposure limit (OEL).

Mr. Weiguo Lu, Director of Industrial Coatings for Axalta Greater China, said, “Our R&D team has made great strides to build on and adapt Axalta’s German technology for the China market. As a result, the industrial products unveiled today aim to ensure protection of workers, the community and the economy, each of which is significantly affected by electrical component fires, which can cause blackouts, force facilities to shut down and create dangerous hazards. In addition, Axalta’s new industrial products meet EU RoHS standards, thus complying with global environmental trends and setting the pace for the industry’s move to lighter, safer materials that do not compromise on performance.”

Axalta also announced today a new halogen-free, flame retardant impregnating resin. This newly developed material is specially designed for dry type transformer application and features excellent flame retardant technology (LOI> 30, by UL94 combustion level test). The development of impregnating resins has been a strength of Axalta’s research and development. The continual evolution of our product offering is the result of a continuous exchange of know-how with leading manufacturers in the electrical and electronics industry.

The CWIEME Shanghai 2014 is an international trade show for the electro-magnetic, insulation materials, coil, electric motor and transformer manufacturing industries taking place in Shanghai on March 3 and 4, 2014. Axalta’s participation at the CWIEME Shanghai 2014 demonstrates the importance of Chinese industrial customers to Axalta’s global strategy.

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