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Saint Jean to File Patents to Protect New Technologies and Processes Related to Graphene

Saint Jean Carbon Inc., a carbon sciences company engaged in the development of natural graphite properties and related carbon products is pleased to announce that Saint Jean is working through the filing of a number of provisional patents (the completion is expected to take about a week) designed to protect Saint Jean's carbon technology developments; the process's they have developed; and the applications where the material could be used in the future.

All filings will be done with the United States Patent Office followed by international filings within the year. The need to protect the Company's work and progress is of great importance. Patents are best served if they are filed on a very timely basis as the longer the Company waits the more risk it may face from competitors willing to exploit the Company's progress and research.

Paul Ogilvie, CEO commented: "The filing of the patents has been our highest priority and we have been working around the clock to get them filed. The amount of time and effort spent on our research has given way to many developments that we feel need to be patented to protect our intellectual property and knowhow, particularly as we plan to compete on an international level with other carbon companies. The development of superparamagnetic material that can change an atom's spin direction at an atomic level is very complex and includes ongoing work at the quantum level. This has been our focus in the development of new carbon technologies, equipment, and overall processes necessary to arrive at a future level where these materials can be produced in large quantities.

The Phase One test results (previously announced October 22, 2015) have been received and will be issued upon completion of all the patents filings. As a matter of precaution and to protect the proper order of information dissemination the Company feels information can only be released after the patents have been filed to better protect shareholder value. The Company looks forward to releasing the test results and the technology developments shortly.


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