Breakthrough in Nano Spray Technology

EV Group (EVG) has announced a breakthrough achievement in new photoresist coating technology. With its new Nano Spray technology EVG has been able to demonstrate, for the first time, conformal coatings of vertical via walls 300µm deep and 100µm diameter. This new milestone in photoresist application will enable users to carryout further lithography steps in the bottom of the via to create through wafer interconnects and allow a new bandwidth of applications throughout many technologies in Semiconductor processing markets.

While the coating of vertical features is common practice in MEMS technology it has also recently been used in the advanced packaging and interconnect arenas. Vias are used to interconnect the active front side of the wafer to the backside and further onto the pins of the specific wafer level package. This coating technology was first realized by EVG on their EVG100 series coating equipment by development and integration of new spray technology and techniques. Continuous technological improvements of the equipment have enabled the ability to coat even steeper sidewalls than was achievable in the past. Fulfilling these challenging coating requirements was achieved with a unique spray process that is based on a spray mist created by ultrasonic nozzles.

To meet the further challenges of the advanced packaging and interconnect markets EVG has developed a completely new Nano Spray nozzle that enables significant improvement in refined dispense and targeted positioning of the spray stream. With this new coating system homogenous coatings of features 300µm deep and 100µm diameter can now be achieved.

14th March 2007

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