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Sub-One Technology Announces Anti-Corrosion Coatings Made From Nano-Carbon

Sub-One Technology, the market leader in advanced coatings for internal surfaces, announced today the release of anti-corrosion coatings made from nanometer-sized carbon-based materials found in petroleum and developed by Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV).

Sub-One’s InnerArmor product line is now available with molecular diamondoid coatings. When used to coat internal metal surfaces of pipes and other equipment, InnerArmor coatings with diamondoids can extend part life by delivering very high hardness, low coefficient of friction and strong protection against corrosion and wear.

“Increased equipment durability is important to many industries where parts are continuously exposed to harsh environments,” explained Andrew Tudhope, chief executive officer of Sub-One Technology. “Combining the diamondoids developed by CTV with the durability, rigidity and heat resistance made possible by the InnerArmor deposition process creates protective coatings that can extend part life, improve flow performance and significantly reduce operating costs.”

InnerArmor coatings with diamondoid precursors expand the coating alternatives available for Sub-One customers. With high sp3 (diamond bond) content, diamondoid precursors deliver dense, hard, inert coatings with very low wear rate. Key features include:

  • Range of hardness levels – molecular scale diamond technology offers ductile to very high hardness exceeding 3500 HV (35 GPa) as required by the application.
  • Near frictionless coefficient of friction (COF) – with a COF approaching 0.01, diamondoid coatings improve efficiency in sliding applications, such as engines.
  • Ultra low wear rate – high diamond content creates a protective coating surface with a wear rate approaching 10-8 mm3/Nm.
  • Flexible component support – Unlike competing vacuum chamber based CVD technologies, InnerArmor technology applies coating directly to a range of component sizes including pipes and other parts with high aspect ratios.
  • High deposition rate – diamondoid deposition rates are typically seven times faster than competitive CVD coating technologies. Shorter processing times reduce coating cost.
  • “Sub-One is partnering with market leaders to accelerate the development and adoption of InnerArmor coating technologies,” said Tudhope. “CTV’s diamondoid technology enables us to offer very thin, hard coatings which can be cost effectively deployed across a range of components spanning multiple industries.”

CTV and Sub-One Technology have multiple joint patent pending applications covering the use of diamondoid technology for internal and external coatings.

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