Exciting Advances in the Ability to Work at the Atomic Level to be Unveiled at nanotxUSA'08

Among the more dramatic tools to be demonstrated during International Nanotechnology Week at the Hyatt Regency Dallas convention hotel October 2-3 is by InsituTec Inc, a Nano-Tool company commercializing an innovative platform technology with widespread market opportunities for dry and liquid environments.

The technology is a tool 7 microns wide, 3 mm in length and ability to detect environmental conditions at the nanoscale level. The innovation is in the patented method of producing, sustaining and sensing very pronounced mechanical standing waves which oscillate back and forth greater than 32,000 times per second. The energy produced by this standing wave tool has demonstrated remarkable results in several market sectors in dry and liquid environments. In dry environments, the company is commercializing the tool for nano and microscale surface measurement with markets that include MEMS, optics and semiconductor industries. Secondly, the company has discovered applications in liquid environments such as microfluidics for the pharmaceutical industry. In particular, a modular device using this tool has demonstrated capability to enhance chemical and biological reaction processes. The company will have a working demonstration of the technology at booth #102 at the nanotxUSA Expo/Conference. The company will be looking for strategic partnerships in environmental detection, liquid environment and dry environment at the Expo. InsituTec was featured recently on The Promise of Tomorrow radio program that is archived and can be heard at http://www.promiseoftomorrow.biz/bizradio/062908/062908.htm

Other new exhibits in nanotechnology and emerging science commercialization will feature everything from nanofiber solutions and lab media mills to Raman spectrographs, particle analyzers, bench top rapid thermal annealer, nano surface metrology systems, sputter systems and PLD equipment, nano particle dispersions, nanoparticle purification equipment, and other research equipment. Biology and medicine will feature hemobiotech and smart drug delivery systems. There will be bio-degradable plastics, new and used semiconductor equipment, universities will show their research, incubators and emerging products, many their educational opportunities, all in the Business Hall Expo portion of the event.

Headlining the conference are some who have become legends in science commercialization such as Eric Drexler, famous researcher and author who established fundamental principles of molecular design, protein engineering, and productive nanosystems; Stan Ovshinsky, world-famed pioneer in nanostructures, who was once named Time Magazine’s “Hero of the Planet” and once having been profiled in a one-hour PBS program on NOVA entitled “Japan’s American Genius.”

Also speaking is scientist/businessman William Kroll, chairman of Matheson Tri-Gas and who served on the Commission of Outsourcing and Off-shoring for the governor of New Jersey; Mark Hakey, Distinguished Engineer - Semiconductor Research & Development Center IBM Corporation; and Dr. Zvi Yaniv of Applied Nanotech.

Announced topics on the cutting edge so far include Printed Electronics from the minds at Seiko Epson and MicroFab Technologies; Technology Advances in Semiconductor Packaging by Suss MicroTec; Applied Nanotech will cover both Applications of Nanotechnology for Homeland Security and Nanotechnology, managing high-tech in turbulence; Phase I Cancer Patient Trial of the Nanomedicine CYT-6091 (Aurimune™) will be presented by CytImmune Sciences, Inc.; UNHSC will present Novel Biocompatible Nanoparticles for Targeted Cancer Therapy; HemoBioTech will report on progress of its Human Blood Substitute; Smart Nanotechnology Based Delivery Systems by Salvona Technologies; Nanotechnology Risk Management Strategies for Environmental, Health and Safety Issues from Nanotech Risk Management; Energy Industry Trends and Chevron’s Higher Diamondoid Story by Chevron Tech Ventures and Baker Botts; Nanotechnologies in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production by Epik Energy Solutions LLC; Lockheed Martin’s View into our interests in nanotechnology; Nanotechnology in Automotive, how The Tailpipe as an Option by Nanobiz; Synthesis of Metal Matrix Nano composites for Space Craft Application from Central Tool Room & Training Centre; Dendrimer Terahertz Source, Its Capabilities and Applications in Life Sciences from Applied Researce & Photonics; Integrated energy harvesting solutions for portable, remote self powered applications by Texas MicroPower Inc.; Chemomechanical Processing of Agglomerated Inorganic Nanoparticles with Buhler Inc.; Innovative Thin-Film Photovoltaic Technologies, Markets & Forecasts from both IDTechEx and the University of Central Florida; Ecotoxicology of Engineered Nanomaterials by U.S. Army Engineering R&D Center; Polarization Modulation Photo-Reflectance: Metrology for Strained-Silicon and Ultra Shallow Junctions Technologies from Xitronix Corporation; Affecting Prosthetics at the Nano Scale by OrthoCare Innovations; Molecular Gating off Nanotransistors for Label-Free Real Time Biological Analysis from Quantum Logic Devices; Optimization of Nanoparticle Purification and Concentration by Hollow Fiber Filtration presented by Spectrum Laboratories; Nano-Encapsulation Technology Overcomes Aesthetic Limitations of Food and Skincare Ingredients from Elsom Research Co.; A Path to Productive Nanosystems, Atomically Precise Manufacturing with Zyvex Labs; Shortening 'Time to Money' for Nanotechnology Facilities by Confoe Inc.; China or Bust, Be There or Be Gone by Venture Pacific Group; and many others.

Universities presenting topics such as Precise Bi-Directional Motion, Ultra Sensitive Capacitive Sensor with Nano-scale Electrode Spacing for Label-free DNA Detection, Switchable Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications, Laser Chemistry from the Molecule to the Nanostructured Extended Solid, Commercialization Strategy Issues for the Molecular-Era Economy, Rice University research for the Air Force and Aerospace, Nano-X for Nanoelectronics, Enhanced Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Nanotubes for Heat Management, Nanoscience-the challenging cosmetics healthy food & biotextiles, Electrical Fuel Powered Artificial Muscles, how artificial muscles can be improved using polypyrrole, Analysis of mechanical characterization on microneedles for fluid sampling and drug delivery, Synthesis of Mercury Sulfide Nano-Powder for BioMedical Application, Understanding the Interactions of Light on Carbon Nanotubes: From Micro-Opto-Mechanical Systems to Cancer Nanotechnology, Innovative Thin-Film Photovoltaic Technologies: Markets & Forecasts, Defect Nanoengineering: From Basic Research to Applications and Products, Glimpses of PZT Based Nanoferroelectric, Helium Ion Microscopy and its Potential for Semiconductor Process Measurements, and other presentations not revealed yet from university sources. Updates are posted daily at www.nanotxUSA.com.

The Dallas Museum of Nature and Science is sponsoring free admission to the exhibits, a $60 value, for those who pre-register at the website, and all those attending nanotxUSA’08 Conference/Expo will also receive free admission to the existing museum facility (normally $8.75 for adults, but free when showing nanotxUSA attendee badge) located on the Texas State Fair grou

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