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Integrated Fluidic Circuits Bring New Levels of Efficiency and Flexibility for High-Throughput Genotyping

Fluidigm Corporation and BIOKÉ, a licensed distributor for the company, today announced that Enza Zaden, one of the world's leading suppliers of high-quality vegetable seeds for agriculture, has chosen the Fluidigm's BioMark(TM) System for Genetic Engineering and the new 96.96 Dynamic Array to help assure the quality of its seed supply.

As the world's food supply increasingly faces new demands for high-yielding and disease resistant crops, the need for high-quality seeds of varieties that produce great tasting, nutritious vegetables remains high. With different soil characteristics and climate zones impacting the growing experience, the world is no longer a place where the same seed meets everyone's need. Enza Zaden has responded by utilizing genetically-based marker-assisted selection techniques to choose its seeds and check hundred-of-thousands of them to help ensure that it delivers just the right flavor product for everyone's palate and breeding for the right varieties to meet everyone's need.

Fluidigm's BioMark System uses integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) technology to reduce complexity, improve throughput with nanoliter precision and provide significant cost-savings (less reagent and smaller samples) for high-throughput genotyping applications. Fluidigm's new BioMark™ 96.96 Dynamic Array is capable of performing 9,216 simultaneous real-time PCR experiments running gold-standard TaqMan® assays in nanoliter quantities.

“We consider the 96.96 Dynamic Arrays a massive parallel monoplex PCR platform. We were surprised by the ease with which we could convert our standard markers for multiplex detection,” said Jeroen Rouppe van der Voort Ph.D., Manager Biotechnology Research and Applications, Enza Zaden Research and Development B.V.

“With the introduction of Fluidigm's new 96.96 dynamic arrays, a specific gap has been filled in the area of number-of-samples times number-of-markers needed. We have searched a long time for a platform that provides the user-friendliness, speed and reliability that the BioMark System and the 96.96 Dynamic Array brings to our efforts,” concluded Rouppe van der Voort.

“Enza Zaden selects seed characteristics for a wide variety of vegetable crops that match the wishes and requirements of its customers throughout the world. This marker-assisted breeding helps assure that each seed results in high-yielding crop plants with extended disease resistance for the regions in which they will be grown,” said Gajus Worthington, President and CEO of Fluidigm. “We are excited and proud that our BioMark System can help Enza Zaden provide the very best product for its customers.”

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