University of Colorado Awarded U.S. Patent Exclusively Licensed to ALD NanoSolutions

The University of Colorado has been awarded U.S. Patent number 7,426,067 "Atomic layer deposition on micro-mechanical devices," which has been exclusively licensed to ALD NanoSolutions, Inc.

This patent describes a method and technology for conformal coating Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS) by atomic layer deposition (ALD) for a wide variety of purposes, including hermetic sealing, reducing stiction, surface change control, creating biocompatible films, optical properties control, chemical corrosion protection layers, and electrically insulating layers. The patented technologies, methods and materials can be used to fine tune the properties and function of MEMS/NEMS, allowing new application opportunities and/or superior lifetime reliability.

Previous U.S. patents issued are: entitled: "Nanocoated primary particles and method for their manufactureî; "Atomic Layer Controlled Deposition on Particle Surfaces;" "Insulating and Functionalizing Fine Metal Particles with Conformal Ultrathin Films;" and U.S. Patent Application ìMethod for the Deposition of an Inorganic Film on an Organic Polymer Surface Using Atomic Layer Deposition Techniques."

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