Cleaving and Scribing Small Samples

LatticeGear has developed the FlipScribe and LatticeAx cleaving machines for preparing samples with sizes down to 1 mm.

In the first step of the process, the cross-section face of the thin sample is cleaved. Then the FlipScribe is used to scribe the entire length of the reverse side of the sample before cleaving it using the diamond tip. This creates a thin strip.

Preparing samples 1 mm wide

Preparing samples 1 mm wide

Small Sample Cleaving Pliers

Standard pliers have certain size limitations that restrict their usefulness when dealing with small samples. LatticeGear has created pliers specifically for cleaving small samples. They work extremely well when combined with the FlipScribe or handheld scribing tools. This can be used for example to create a 1mm wide strip. In this case, the scribe is pulled across the entire reverse side of the sample. Then the plier is used to cleave. These Small Sample Cleaving Pliers can be purchased in the store.

GC-SS-100 Small sample cleaving pliers

GC-SS-100 Small sample cleaving pliers

The film clip shows an example of cleaving a narrow sample.


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