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Full Complement of High-Value MEMS and 3D IC Process Applications Now Available for Demonstration on the ProNova ICP Source

Tegal Corporation, (Nasdaq:TGAL) an innovator of specialized production solutions for the fabrication of advanced MEMS, power ICs and optoelectronic devices, today announced that its full process portfolio for silicon DRIE applications has been made available for the new ProNova ICP source. The application suite includes industry-leading processes for high aspect ratio DRIE under the SHARP patent, as well as well-established processes for integrated mask open and the tri-pulse process for high resist mask selectivity deep silicon etching.

A key challenge for 200mm MEMS fabrication is porting established MEMS processes onto 200mm tools and then improving on the baseline process results; for silicon DRIE, these challenges include achieving higher etch rates, tighter control of tilt angles and etch profiles across 200mm wafers, and tighter control of etch depth uniformity across 200mm wafers The ProNova ICP process suite now helps solve these challenges.

“Providing our customers with high-value DRIE process solutions is at the core of our business model,” said John Almerico, Senior Marketing Director for Etch Products at Tegal. “Transferring our advanced applications for silicon DRIE to 200mm wafers using the ProNova ICP source successfully completes the launch of this new process module for MEMS and 3D-IC customers worldwide.”

The ProNova ICP source is available immediately to ship on Tegal 110, 200, 3200, and 4200 DRIE Wafer Processing Systems. ProNova is also compatible as a retrofit with Tegal and AMMS DRIE systems already in the field, and ProNova supports SHARP – Tegal’s Super High Aspect Ratio Process, achieving etched feature aspect ratios of greater than 100:1 in production environments. In addition, all Tegal silicon DRIE systems now feature low frequency bias for notch-free silicon DRIE for SOI substrates as standard equipment. Customers interested in submitting samples to evaluate the ProNova ICP source should contact their local Tegal sales office or sales representative.

Tegal is a participating sponsor of the MEMS Executive Congress this week in Sonoma, California. Paul Werbaneth, Tegal Vice President of Marketing and Applications, will be moderating a panel discussion titled “Energy/Environmental Sensing and Green MEMS.” More information about the MEMS Executive Congress is available at

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