Innovative and Versatile Sputter Coater and Carbon Evaporator for SEM Applications

Electron Microscopy Sciences, the premier supplier of preparation equipment for microscopy, is pleased to offer the EMS 150R, a compact rotary-pumped coating system. The EMS 150R boasts high quality performance and flexibility and is ideally suited for SEM and other coating applications.

The modular EMS150R can be configured in three formats; a sputter coater suitable for standard (tungsten) SEM specimen coating and sputtering of a wide range of non-oxidizing (noble) metals, such as gold (Au), platinum (Pt), silver (Ag) and palladium (Pd), a carbon coater ideal for SEM EDS and WDS applications, or a combined sputter carbon coater systems. An optional glow discharge attachment for modification of specimen surface properties, such as hydrophobic to hydrophilic conversion is available for the carbon coating system.

The user-friendly EMS150R has a simple color touch screen, which allows even the most inexperienced or occasional operators to rapidly enter and store their own process data. A generous three-year warranty is included.

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