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Swiss Nanotechnology Center Order Electron Beam Lithography System from Vistec

Vistec Lithography, Inc., a leading provider of advanced electron-beam lithography equipment today announced that it received an order from the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), a world-renowned research university, for one of its Vistec EBPG5200 systems.

The Vistec EBPG5200 will be installed in the new Nanotechnology Center, which is a unique, public private partnership between IBM Research - Zurich and ETH Zurich.

ETH Zurich will focus on exploratory research aiming at nanotechnology applications as MEMS/NEMS, nanowires, Carbon-based devices, functional materials, optical interconnects, photonics and directed self-assembly, just to indicate the most prominent. According to the evaluation team, the primary reason the Nanotechnology Center selected the Vistec system is the advanced technology capabilities it offers. "Our multiple research applications require a high performance nano-patterning tool of superior flexibility, which is essential for extending our advanced R&D efforts", said the speaker of the evaluation team. "The Vistec EBPG5200 allows us to further expanding our ability to pursue both near-term and long-term projects."

The Vistec EBPG5200 is the latest version of the highly successive and field-proven EBPG electron-beam lithography tool series. The EBPG5200 system can be operated with 20, 50 and 100kV accelerating voltage and is equipped with a 50MHz pattern generator and full 20bit address technology. Thanks to further enhancements in resolution, noise reduction and beam stability, the Vistec EBPG5200 is set to routinely generate structures less than 8nm on varying substrates sizes from piece parts of a few millimetres to full patterning across a 200mm diameter. The system incorporates an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) that provides ease of use for diverse "multi user environments".

"This order from an excellent research university such as ETH Zurich is the result of our ongoing efforts to further enhance the performance of our electron-beam lithography systems," said Rainer Schmid, General Manager at Vistec Lithography, Inc. "We are always committed to our customers and their challenging research tasks."

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