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Maxwell Technologies to Receive Funds to Study Use of Graphene in Ultracapacitors

Maxwell Technologies has announced that Maxwell Technologies SA, its subsidiary in Switzerland, will incorporate and assess graphene-based electrodes fabricated through ‘ElectroGraph,’ a technology development program funded by the European Union.

In lab experiments, graphene has demonstrated the capability of drastically increasing the power density and energy density of ultracapacitors. As part of a multi-party partnership led by the Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute, €325,000 will be awarded to Maxwell Technologies, SA over a period of three years. The European Union has funded the research through its Seventh Framework Program.

At present, Maxwell Technologies utilizes a zero-solvent, in-house production method along with a formulation of conductive and activated carbons and other substances to fabricate ultracapacitor electrodes for major ultracapacitor products. The company’s ultracapacitor multi-cell modules and cells deliver safe and durable power solutions for markets such as telecommunications, transportation, industrial electronics and consumer electronics. The company’s radiation-mitigated microelectronic products such as single board computers, memory modules and power modules integrate commercial silicon for high reliability and high performance in aerospace applications.

The Chief Technology Officer and Vice President at Maxwell Technologies, Michael Everett stated that the company will use its experience in ultracapacitor basics and technology advancement to study the application of graphene as an industrial-scale electrode material in terms of viability and cost-effectiveness. It is for the first time the assessment of the material to be done on the industrial scale at the device level and if the result is positive, the company can extend its dominance in the advancement of a future-generation of superior performance ultracapacitors, Everett said.


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