New Quality Handbook to Advance Nanoparticle Research

A new handbook named the ‘Quality Handbook’ has been released under the guidance of Empa management, with an objective to integrate European standards in the field of nanoparticle research.

Title page of the Quality Handbook (Credit: Empa)

Prof. Harald Krug from the Empa's ‘Materials meet Life’ Department is the editor of this fundamental reference book having the subtitle ‘Standard Procedures for Nanoparticle Testing.’ The book covers regulations pertaining to the production and investigation of particular nanoparticles in lab conditions, includes research work being carried out in this field, and allows researchers to compare different studies.

Nanommune consortium compiled this in-depth book and the European commission provided the funding under the auspices of the 7th Framework Program for this work. The Nanommune project, extended for three years, characterized the toxicological effects of industrially produced nanoparticles. Extensive research is going on to find their point of accumulation, their paths of progression inside the body, and their impact.

The handbook comprises more than 80 standard operating procedures (SOPs), which are helpful in synthesizing nanoparticles with customized properties. The SOPs also feature standardized analytical techniques to classify the nanoparticles’ chemical and physical properties and biological impact.

Provision has been made by the authors of the research works compiled in the report for future updates of the new work well before the release of this handbook. A follow-on project called DaNa involves the preparation of a special SOP form to improve the standardized methods by providing feedback to the authors.


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