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Zyvex Technologies, NanoFabrix Partner to Produce and Commercialize EMI Composites

Zyvex Technologies, a molecular nanotechnology company, has partnered with NanoFabrix, a developer of novel composite material solutions and innovative nanotechnology-based surface enhancements, to jointly produce and market composite materials.

As per the collaboration, Zyvex Technologies and NanoFabrix will develop customized carbon nanotube-enhanced composite materials to enhance advanced composite materials’ electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding efficiency. At first, the companies plan to design the materials for aerospace applications.

Besides improving EMI shielding efficiency especially in cockpit electronics, NanoFabrix surface enhancements are now being assessed for providing wear resistance and solid-particle erosion resistance to the turbojet turbine blades and de-icing and anti-icing to lift surfaces.

NanoFabrix surface enhancements are capable of improving the performance properties of almost any composite material, which include inexpensive glass fiber composites. The collaboration between Zyvex Technologies and NanoFabrix is anticipated to develop several novel products. According to Zyvex Technologies’ President, Lance Criscuolo, addition of nanomaterials further improves the properties of structural composite materials.

Zyvex Technologies’ Kentera technology addresses the long-held bonding challenges in graphene and carbon nanotubes that hinder their use in materials. The company designed molecules for solving these issues with the novel technology forming strong bond between the materials and molecules. The innovative technology can form chemical bonds on carbon nanotubes.

The Chief Executive Officer at NanoFabrix, Andy Dickson stated that this advanced process enables for the production of stronger materials as well as the opportunity to leverage the inbuilt electrical properties of carbon nanotubes in unprecedented ways. Moreover, NanoFabrix can access Zyvex Technologies’ $40 billion supply chain to market the novel products.


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