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Analysis Report on Global Market for Non-Polymeric Organic Nanomaterials

Of late demand for innovative carbon nanotubes in industries is increasing. Carbon nanotubes are used in electronics, transportation sector, fuel cells, and healthcare. At present the carbon nanotubes account for about 28% market share of the total nanomaterial market. The market of the carbon nanotubes is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16% in the next 3-4 years. The global production of carbon nanotubes in 2014 was around 7000 million tonnes.

At the individual particle scale carbon black is an inherent nanomaterial. Carbon Black nanomaterials are used in plastics, rubber, electronics and anti-static materials. One of the major applications of carbon black is in tyres, with carbon black making up about 30% of the tyres. The global carbon black market is expected to surpass $25 billion by 2020.

Activated carbon nanomaterials are used in textiles, rubber, chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, electronics and environmental protection. Aptamers are composed of short RNA or single-stranded DNA sequences that, when folded into their unique 3D conformation, can bind to their targets with high specificity and affinity. The aptamer functionalised nanomaterials are leading to advances in bio-sensing, can-cell specific recognition, high efficiency separation and targeted drug delivery.

The leading producers of these materials are us research nanomaterials inc, Cabot, Evonik Industries, CNano technology, Nanocyl, Showa Denko, Arkema, Bayer material science, carbon solutions, carbon NT&F, catalyx nanotech, CNT.

One of the major drivers driving this market is the reduced cost of these materials. The number of patents in this field has been increasing leading to the discovery of nanomaterials with superior characteristics and reduced cost of production. Moreover, the emerging applications of these nanomaterials in automotives, nanommedicines and electronics, followed by growth of these sectors are also driving this market.

One of the challenge facing this market is the stricter environmental regulations made as a result of growing environmental concerns. Moreover storage of some of these materials such as carbon black is a problem. Another challenge this market is facing at present is the high processing cost involved in the production of these.

Lastly, the report is divided by geography - North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific (APAC), South America and Middle-East & Africa (MEA); where-in the market share of each region is analyzed and estimates are provided for the next 6 years. The various applications of non-polymeric organic nanomaterials have been discussed in detail in addition to a comprehensive overview of the market.

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