NANOSENSORS Announces Addition of Carbon Nanotube SPM Probes to its Scope of Products

The Single or Double Walled Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) at the end of the tips are grown by chemical vapour deposition and are ready to use, no shortening or post processing is necessary. NANOSENSORS CNT probes are Single/Double Wall Carbon Nanotube SPM probes with a tip diameter between 2 and 3 nm. Compared to other Carbon Nanotube probes available on the market today that are mostly multiwalled carbon nanotubes the tip radius of NANOSENSORS™ Carbon Nanotube AFM tips is considerably smaller.

They are therefore very suitable for high resolution measurements of nanometer-sized features. The small tip radius achieved by a single or double wall carbon nanotube probe combined with the wear resistance of the CNT material compared to other materials makes it the ideal probe for high resolution imaging of flat surfaces. NANOSENSORS™ CNT AFM probes are now the probes with the highest resolution capabilities in the NANOSENSORS product range. The CNT probes are designed for high resolution measurements in Tapping Mode or Non-Contact Mode operations in air or vacuum Due to their elastic properties Single / Double Wall CNTs are dedicated for the use on soft matter as well as on hard surfaces.

Because of the same elastic properties NANOSENSORS™ Single / Double Wall CNT probes are not suitable for measuring high aspect ratio features like very deep and narrow trenches or contact holes and should only be used by the experienced AFM user. They require special care to enable the user to profit from their unique properties and achieve good results. For this reason NANOSENSORS™ will add a guideline called “How to use a Single / Double Wall Carbon Nanotube AFM Probe ” to every delivered package of CNT probes. The NANOSENSORS™ CNT Probes will be available in package sizes of two and of five probes.

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