Hysitron TI Premier – Essential Toolkit for Nanometer-to-Micrometer Mechanical and Tribological Characterization

Bruker’s Hysitron TI Premier was specifically designed to deliver industry-leading, quantitative nanomechanical characterization within a compact platform. Built upon proven Hysitron technology, the Hysitron TI Premier provides an essential toolkit for your nanoscale mechanical and tribological testing.

Standard testing to advanced research can be accomplished utilizing the versatile configuration of the TI Premier, while numerous technique upgrades are available to meet the potential diversity of your future characterization needs.

The TI Premier makes nanoscale mechanical and tribological characterization simple and consistent. This dedicated system provides a variety of standard nanoscale characterization techniques with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

The TI Premier comes with Bruker’s exclusive in-situ SPM imaging capability and capacitive transducer technology, making the system applicable to the widest range of materials and devices. Motorized staging, top-down color optics, antivibration system, environmental enclosure, control software, and fast digital electronics decrease time to results and ease instrument use.

The TI Premier offers automated testing routines for increased testing throughput and minimized operator interaction.

The TI Premier provides an assortment of core techniques that are essential to laboratories entering into nanoscale characterization. The system is particularly well suited for the investigation of nanoscale mechanical and tribological properties of non-time dependent materials under ambient conditions.

The TI Premier Series also offers systems tailored for high temperature testing, dynamic characterization, and testing over multiple length scales. The instrument can be easily configured with multiple application-specific characterization packages to provide a dedicated solution to your current and future measurement needs.


  • Application-specific testing technique packages to reliably meet your characterization needs
  • Proprietary capacitive transducer technology for reliable mechanical and tribological property measurements at the nanoscale
  • High-resolution in-situ SPM imaging that enables precise test positioning accuracy (±10 nm) and observation of post-test deformation behavior
  • Custom-engineered enclosure with an integrated anti-vibration system to provide nanoscale characterization capabilities in non-ideal environments
  • Sensitive force and displacement noise floors (75 nN, 0.2 nm) for unprecedented accuracy
  • Intelligently designed software with enhanced automated testing routines and an intuitive user interface
  • Easily adaptable system to meet specific research needs, from soft polymers to ceramic thin films

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