Hysitron xSol High-Temperature Stage – Nanomechanical Characterization at Elevated Temperatures up to 800°C and Beyond

Bruker’s award-winning Hysitron xSol High-Temperature Stage delivers industry-leading test stability and flexibility over a broad range of temperatures and atmospheric conditions.

Incorporating advanced thermal engineering concepts directed towards achieving the highest level of stability and measurement accuracy, the xSol is capable of reliably performing true nanoscale measurements at temperatures ranging from -100°C to 800°C.

The xSol’s innovative micro-environment design philosophy enables:

  • Tight measurement control
  • Elimination of probe/sample thermal gradients
  • Rapid stabilization times
  • Ability to test under controlled atmospheres

Expansive Temperature Range

Investigate Nanomechanical and Nanotribological properties from -100°C to 800°C and beyond

  • Thermally stable stage design delivers quantitative, reliable nanoscale data
  • Dual heating element architecture delivers rapid probe-sample equilibrium
  • Innovative thermal expansion cancellation design provides <1Å/sec drift rates
  • Easy mechanical sample mounting eliminates the need for high temperature adhesives

Atmospheric Control

Accurate in-situ Control of Atmospheric Composition

  • Controlled micro environment fully surrounds testing volume
  • Inlet gas is pre-heated to testing temperature prior to encapsulating sample
  • Outlet gas port minimizes thermal escape into the system
  • Customizable gaseous environments reduce the effect of reactive chemistries, such as oxidation, without the need for UHV
  • Drive chemical reactions to study chemical and nanomechanical changes in-situ

Humidity Control

Determine the effect of humidity level on Nanomechanical and Nanotribological Properties

  • Customizable humidity levels from dry to condensing conditions
  • Investigate various combinations of humidity and temperature from RT to +75°C

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